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		Getting ready to replace the transmission.                              The ambulance had one perfectly machined rotor.
                Took the heads off this 7.3 ltr and are at the machine                Time to clean the block and prepare for the heads to return
  		shop getting the once over.
		Replacing the valve cover gaskets and the intake                  when the water pump from the firetruck was taken out,
		gaskets as well as the spark plugs.                                it didn't look to good.
		Engine from the van that was taken out and resealed.                  Removing the pump to fix a major water leak in the pumper truck.
		Taking out the engine to reseal it.                                   Putting new brakes on the ambulance.

Projects from start to finish:

The front portion of this R/V was replaced due to a leak which caused rotting. Installed a new condenser in the Expedition, recharged the A/C system, and added new fastners. New bushings were also installed into the rear control arms.